Streamline Manga Publisher workflow

Streamline Manga Publisher workflow

Postby demonezade » Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:34 pm

It looks like there's a lot of demand for a fast and easy batch processor or utility to process an existing archive into a compatible one, but I'd be happy with just having it be a little easier to manually process.

In particular:

-An option to save profiles of a series I'll be uploading a lot of-- so, for instance, if I'm doing Addicted to Curry, I don't want to re-type the title, author, et c info once for all 45 chapters I have. If I could save a profile for AtC that I could select when I start a new file, it would speed things up a lot. An alternate way to implement this might be to do it like the Calibre ebook library software, which has tab complete on its info fields. It remembers things I have typed in the past (which are saved to its database) and so for instance when I type "Ad" it would give me an option to finish it into "Addicted to Curry," and so on for the author, volume name, et c.

-A way to bring in all the pages without having to go add, click, okay for every one. A one-click "import all files in this folder" would be great, but it might be easier to just make it so I can select the whole range p001.jpg to p046.jpg (by drag or shift+click in the open file dialogue, or by entering the range of filenames). Since the program auto-detects the page numbers already, this would vastly expedite the process. I'd be happy with shift-click functionality added to the current system, but it could probably be sped up even further by importing the whole folder on a single tab and allowing the user to select which files are covers, which pages, which extras, et c.

Just my first thoughts as a new user!
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Re: Streamline Manga Publisher workflow

Postby Edward » Tue Jun 08, 2010 10:53 pm

Thanks for the feedback. I'm working on this very issue at the moment, so it's great to have more feedback on it!
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