Localizing eManga into a new language is very easy. You must first find the localization folders, copy the english folder, rename it to your language, and edit it's contents. Once you have tested your localization, you can email it to us for it to be included in new releases.

Finding the Resources folder

Mac OS X:

The resources folder is found within the eManga application package. To open the package, right-click the eManga program file and select "Show Package Contents". The path is as follows: eManga.app:Contents:Resources.


The resources folder is found within the eManga installation folder. The path is typically as follows: C:\Program Files\eManga\Resources.

Creating your lproj folder

Once you are in the Resources folder, select the eng.lproj and duplicate it. You must rename it to the three-letter ISO 639-3 code for your language. You can find this code here.

Editing the Localizable.strings

Open your lproj folder, and you will find a file named Localizable.strings. Open this file. Every line consists of a Key-Value pair. The text left of the = sign is the Key, and the text to it's right are the Value. To localize this file, translate all the Values to your language.

Localizing images

Your lproj folder will also contain images. These are localized versions of images used in eManga. If you feel that you are able to edit these images into your language, please feel free to do so. Otherwise, please note in your email what the text in these files should be and the files will be edited for you.

Testing your localization

To test your localization, follow these steps:

Mac OS X:

Make sure that the new language is the highest in order in the International Preference Pane in System Preferences. Quit eManga and re-launch it.


Exit eManga, and re-launch it. Go to Preferences, and set the language under the General tab to the new language. It should just be the name of the lproj folder - this is normal. Click OK to save this change, and Exit eManga. Once you relaunch it, eManga should be using your new localization. Please make sure that everything looks right.

Close and re-launch eManga to see any changes you make to the localization.

Submitting a new localization

Thank you for localizing eManga into a new language! Kindly zip your lproj folder and email it to us here so that it may be included in the next version of eManga.